Flooded Again

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With rising sea levels, stronger winds, and heavier rains, flooding of low lying areas around the Corsica watershed are becoming a more common site. This is the Centreville wharf on January 10th.   Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources has launched … Continued

Free Soil Testing Available

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One of the most important things we can do as landowners is to ensure that the amendments we put on our lawns and gardens are sufficient but not excessive to plant needs. One way to determine those needs is through … Continued

Are you seeing more flooding?

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Heavier and more severe rain storms has led to frequent flooding of water bodies in the Corsica and its watershed; one indication of the impact of a changing climate. (The photo of a dock underwater on our homepage is just … Continued

Some Winter Reminders on Salt Use

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With this week’s winter storm, icy roads and walkways can become a hazard. Salt is often used, and often overused, as a safety measure. One study suggests that 70 percent of salt applied to roads stays with the region’s watershed … Continued