The Conservancy supports policies and programs that protect and restore the Corsica, its streams, and surrounding lands, such as planting trees, installing rain gardens, and reducing the trash that flows into our rivers and streams.  We work collaboratively with elected and appointed officials and like-minded businesses and non-profit organizations.  We use our outreach to encourage environmental stewardship.





Contact Your Elected Representative

  • Centreville Town Council:  Jim A. Beauchamp; Jeffrey C. Morgan; Timothy E. McCluskey.  410-758-1180.
  • Queen Anne’s County Commissioners:  Christopher M. Corchiarino; Phillip  L. Dumenil; James J. Moran; Jack N. Wilson; Jr, Stephen Wilson.  410-758-4098.
  • Maryland State Legislature-District 36:  Representatives Jay Jacobs, Jeff Ghrist; Steve Arentz.  Senator Steve Hershey
  • 1st U.S. Congressional District:  Andy Harris
  • U.S. Senators:  Benjamin Cardin, Chris Van Hollen