County Commissioners Adopt Pier Extension Change

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The County Commissioners recently adopted an ordinance to change the criteria for approving a pier that exceeds the current requirement of 150 feet. However, the Commissioners also adopted an amendment, introduced by Commissioner Corchiarino, to exempt pending applications. Doing so means that the pending request to build a pier in the Corsica River that almost doubles the required length to 290 feet and build 6 finger piers can be more easily approved.

CRC will continue to oppose that request. Piers that exceed County standards pose threats to our oyster sanctuaries, aquatic vegetation necessary for marine habitat, water quality, and recreational use by small sailors, small boats, kayakers, other paddlers, recreational anglers and watermen. Extensions granted should not advantage individual property owners at the cost of negatively impacting river users, neighbors, and our important natural resources and habitat.

At its March 26th meeting, Commissioners adopted County Ordinance 24-03 amending the accessory pier use to require a variance rather than a conditional use by the Board of Appeals in order to construct a pier at a length greater than 150 feet, as measured from the mean highwater line. This change is expected to give the Board of Appeals a more appropriate standard for approving exemptions.