Mission and Vision

The Corsica River Conservancy (CRC) works to develop and maintain a constituency to restore and preserve the Corsica River and its surrounding lands through direct action, partnerships, and enhanced environmental awareness.

Restoration and Preservation

Our volunteers are involved in a range of hands-on activities including tree and buffer plantings, fish spawn monitoring, monitoring and maintaining underwater grasses, and shoreline restoration. Many of these activities are carried out in conjunction with scientists and other professionals from the Department of Natural Resources and other state agencies. CRC has been a principal member of the project team implementing the Corsica restoration strategy and plan. This group has worked continuously and cooperatively for the past fifteen years.

Education and Advocacy

Our volunteers develop and present educational materials to local groups who live in or whose actions have an impact on the River and its surrounding lands. We also conduct activities with schools, whose students represent the next generation of environmental stewards.

Citizen Engagement

Our volunteers reach out to individuals by developing and staffing exhibits at community events. For the last eleven years, CRC has held a large scale public outreach events at the annual Corsica River Awareness Day, Corsica River Day, and Corsica Riverfest. We are also working to increase our social media presence.
We welcome and encourage your involvement.

To volunteer or learn more, contact us at Corsicariverconservancy@gmail.com.