Piers on the Corsica

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County officials are considering two proposals that will significantly affect how far private piers will be allowed to extend into public waters. The County Commissioners will meet on March 12th. The Board of Appeals will meet on March 20th. In both hearings, the public will be able to voice their concerns.

County Ordinance 24-03, to change the criteria for granting exceptions for pier extensions, will be considered bythe Commissioners tonight. More details on when and how to submit comments can be found here
And on March 20th, the County Board of (Zoning) Appeals will consider a request to build a marina-type pier on the Corsica that almost doubles the permitted length of a private pier, from 150′ to 290′, along with significant finger piers and mooring piles. The property is located in the Critical Area resource conservation area. Public comment must be submitted in person. More details can be found at https://www.qac.org/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Agenda/_03202024-1774

These are important decisions not just for those who live on the water but those who recreate on the water and those who want to protect the natural resources that the Comprehensive Plan recognizes. The County has seen an expansion in the size of piers in recent years, extending to 500′ in at least one case. Appropriate regulations are in place. But continually granting exceptions will have consequences. As with most natural resources, it is much easier and cheaper to protect them from the beginning than to try and repair damage done.