There are many opportunities to help the Conservancy achieve its mission in addition to the individual actions listed under Citizen Stewardship. To find out more about these opportunities, contact us at

Help with Cleanups

Each spring, the Conservancy brings together its members and volunteers for Project Clean Stream.  With support from the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, we work at several locations in the watershed.  In past years, the effort has collected old tires and appliances, as well as plastic, empty bottles, and other litter.  We supply the gloves,  supplies, and camaraderie while you supply the labor.  We also support the annual County effort to clean up county roads.  In order to have a continuous presence and formalize efforts already underway, we are exploring using the Adopt-the-Road program.  We also work with local businesses to make sure trash is collected where it is created.  For information about future clean-ups, look under our Calendar page.

Monitor Water Quality

As part of the ShoreRivers water quality testing program, Conservancy members monitor common indicators of water quality including dissolved oxygen, nutrient pollution, algae, pH, and clarity.  Testers are required to attend and pass annual training workshops.  For more information, visit the ShoreRivers website at

Plant a Tree

Trees are key to healthy natural streams. They provide numerous essential habitat functions: shade to keep water temperatures down in warm months, leaf litter “food” for aquatic organisms, roots to stabilize stream banks and vegetative cover for wildlife. In general, reduction or loss of riparian trees / stream buffers degrades stream habitat while replacement of trees / natural buffers enhances stream habitat.  Trees also add value to home properties.  They provide shade to decrease heat effects and important habitat for birds,  The Conservancy supports buffer restoration projects and tree planting programs.  For example, each spring, the MD Department of Natural Resources “Buffer in a Bag” program provides native trees to homeowners free of charge. For more information, visit

Lead a Community or Stream Team

As part of our outreach mission, we welcome individuals who are interested in helping newcomers understand the watershed and learn about programs such as BayWise that are available to help implement sustainable practices.   Volunteers also lead teams during out spring clean up, for buffer and tree plantings, and in planning and crafting exhibits for the annual Corsica River Day.

Be an Educator

The Conservancy is often called upon to present programs to classrooms from the elementary to the high school level.

Become a Board Member

We are always looking for individuals to assist with programming, communication, and strategies.