Corsica Restoration 15 Years On

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CRC published a report on restoration efforts at the end of 2020. Read the entire report here:

The Course of the Corsica: A Report on Restoration.


As the Corsica restoration enters its 16th year, it continues to serve as a model of comprehensive and sustained attention with important lessons learned. Extensive efforts have led to measurable improvement in water quality and habitat. Yet, in the main stem of the River, sustained water clarity, restored under water grass habitat and reduced algae have not yet been achieved and increased efforts are needed to reduce sediment runoff to improve water quality and save farmers’ precious agricultural soil and hundreds of thousands of dollars in periodic dredging costs.

The Conservancy, with contributions from other experts, has developed a report to provide a history of restoration and conservation efforts, the current state of the watershed, the importance of continuing our work, and challenges we see going forward.  Residents and visitors have a responsibility for how they use this resource and what they do to help preserve it. Town and County governments have a responsibility to continue to financially support and implement “best management practices” to protect the river’s economic and recreational value. And future land use decisions must consider the negative impact of increasing impervious surfaces. As the County goes through its Comprehensive Plan update, it is an opportune time to reaffirm these goals and celebrate success.