Bay 2021 Dead Zone Test Results

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The Chesapeake Bay Program has reported on the Bay’s 2021 “dead zone,” that area in which there is little or no oxygen and plant and marine life is unable to exist. The dead zone is created by nitrogen, phosphorus, and … Continued

Mixed Results for Submerged Aquatic Vegetation (SAV)

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Underwater grasses, or SAVs, have been in the news lately as the annual observations of their spread and health has recently been released. The results show the third consecutive year of overall decline. (See However, several areas actually saw an … Continued

Corsica Water Quality Testing Begins

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CRC volunteers are working with ShoreRivers to test bacteria levels at two sites in the Corsica, at the Town Wharf and at the Corsica River Sailing Center.  Results are posted every Friday at Results from the week of June … Continued