Bay Grasses in the News

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Bay grasses, known as submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV), are making a comeback in the Bay according to recent data from monitoring officials at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science and reported in the Bay Journal But eel grass has … Continued

Look Out for the Pump Out!

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Calling all boaters. Centreville has moved the marine pump out station to a new home at the transient docking area along the Centreville Wharf Park boardwalk. Whether you have a holding tank, portable, or bucket, the pump out station is … Continued

Centreville’s Proposed Plastic Bag Ordinance

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A public hearing on June 1st will accept comments on a proposed ordinance to limit plastic bag distribution in Centreville. The Town Council President and Vice President introduced the ordinance at the Council’s May 4th, 2023 meeting. CRC has sent … Continued

Free Soil Testing Available

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One of the most important things we can do as landowners is to ensure that the amendments we put on our lawns and gardens are sufficient but not excessive to plant needs. One way to determine those needs is through … Continued