Tell County Commissioners to Continue Tree Protection

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County Commissioners will vote on August 23rd on whether to approve an amendment that removes woodlands from protected status under the County’s planning and zoning code. CRC testified before the Commissioners at a public hearing on August 9th and has submitted a letter strongly objecting to passage of the amendment. The amendment flies in the face of the recently passed Comprehensive Plan, which recognizes the value of and commits to stewardship of our natural resources, including supporting a no net loss of forests. It has become well known that trees rank among the highest and most cost efficient means for maintaining air quality, reducing CO2, controlling stormwater and recharging our aquifers. They cool the air and provide key habitat for increasingly endangered creatures, especially birds which are declining dramatically and beneficial insects which are important to agriculture as well.

Many developers have spoken in favor of removing the woodlands protection. To make your voice heard, contact the Commissioners before the August 23rd vote.


You can read the CRC letter here.