Talking (Less) Trash

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You may have noticed that some roads in the watershed are distinctly cleaner.  That’s thanks to a group called Doing Good Together.  The all volunteer team works on hot spots in and around the watershed most weekends.  On two recent weekends along the stretch of Route 304 from Earle Branch, which is a tributary of the Corsica, to Dulin Clark Road, their efforts yielded dozens of bags of garbage.  Plastic bags and foam, plastic bottles, cans, food containers, lids, straws, and construction materials were just some of the items collected.  The County supports their efforts by providing supplies and collects the bags.

You can join one of the weekend masked and socially distanced pick up efforts or suggest a hot spot that needs attention by sending an email to  Of course, the longer term solution to roadside trash is to stop it in the first place.  Individuals who treat roads as their private garbage dumps and companies who manufacture environmentally destructive packaging bear most of the responsibility.   Polystyrene, or styrofoam, in one of the most destructive materials as it breaks down into pieces that easily enter the food chain. On October 1, a state-wide ban on polystyrene went into effect.  For more information on plastic, the University of Maryland’s Center for Environmental Science is offering a lecture on Reducing Plastic Waste and Pollution.  For details and to sign up, visit