Spring Clean Up

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Join with other Conservancy volunteers on SATURDAYAPRIL 24th from 10 am until 1 pm to help clean up the Corsica watershed.  Meet up at one of two locations in Centreville to pick up gloves and trash bags:  the Wharf at Watson Road or Millstream Park.  This will be a great opportunity to reconnect with fellow residents and help preserve habitat and water quality as we move toward summer. COVID restrictions will be honored.  As you can see from driving around, this past winter has been a particularly bad one for trash–more has been tossed out and less has been picked up. Anything you can do will help. And maybe you will come across a snapping turtle just emerging from hibernation like the one recently spotted on a local road.


If you cannot join on the 24th, there will still be much to be done.  Collecting trash is a good activity for small groups of family and friends. In fact, as seen in the photo at left, a group of THREE socially distanced friends filled FOUR large trash bags in just ONE hour last week.