Gaps in the Comprehensive Plan Draft

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The public has been asked to comment on the County’s draft Comprehensive Plan. CRC has been providing comments throughout the process based on the longstanding restoration strategy for the Corsica–what’s best for the river and for the watershed. If you have not commented yet, please do so soon as the comment period closes on December 13. Urging the County Commissioners to implement stronger environmental protections and other policies needed to carry out the 2021 Plan will help the river, the watershed, and county residents. Below are actions that need to be emphasized

  • No net loss of forests.Trees act as stream buffers to mitigate pollution, enhance public health, clean air and sequester carbon, and provide habitat.
  • Constrain impervious surface on a watershed-wide basis. Science based assessments show irreversible damage to waterways occur once impervious surface exceeds 10 percent and severe degradation occurs at five percent.
  • Update data and regulations for new buildings in sensitive areas. Anticipated sea level rise and more intense and frequent flooding events are making more County land area susceptible to damage.
  • Provide sufficient funds for and enforcement of additional agricultural and stormwater conservation practices to reduce nutrient and sediment discharges into waterways.
  • Ensure that Kent Island and Kent Narrows are seen and treated as an integral part of preserving the County’s unique and natural resource-based character.

Also, a stronger, more accountable process is needed and should include specific actions for implementation, establish measurable indicators and targets, and regularly evaluate progress toward Plan goals.

Adding your voice will let the County Commissioners know, as the Plan states, that is is important to “reaffirm the County’s land use ethic to maintain it as a quintessential rural community” by “preserving the County’s connections from the past to create a sustainable future.”


The draft Comprehensive Plan can be found at Chapters relating to the suggested “areas to emphasize” (above) include:

The public comment period is open through December 13, 2021. Submit comments online, via mail, or in person.
    • Online – use the online form
    • Mail – Mail comments to: Queen Anne’s County Planning & Zoning, Attn: Comp Plan Comments, 110 Vincit St., Suite 104, Centreville, MD 21617
    • In person – Drop off comments at the Planning & Zoning Department or leave a copy in the Draft binders at one of these locations: QAC Commissioners Office, QAC Planning & Zoning, QAC Public Library (Centreville or Kent Island), Church Hill Town Hall, Sudlersville Town Hall, Chesapeake Heritage & Visitors Center.