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Welcome to the Corsica River Conservancy

This website is devoted exclusively to providing information on efforts designed to restore and the Corsica River, its tributaries and its watershed. The Corsica River Conservancy and its partners are dedicated to this task.

How To Navigate Our Site

This site is designed to be interactive.  You will be able to obtain specific information on restoration projects completed, underway and planned by clicking on Corsica River Projects and following the directions on that page.

Save the Date: Earth Day Tuesday, April 22, 2014

3:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Come out and help the Town of Centreville construct a Stormwater Education Station and Rain Garden at Mill Stream Park in Centreville
Hands-on training will be provided for volunteers about stormwater management technologies. Kids are welcome!
The Stormwater Education Station will be a “Faux” House with examples of:
A small green roof
Gutter and downspouts directed to rain barrels
Permeable pavers
Educational signage attached to windows to inform residents about what they can do to prevent stormwater runoff
A rain garden with native shrubs and plants
Tools exist that can prevent stormwater runoff. Are you interested?
Participate in this event and learn how you can reduce polluted runoff from entering the Corsica River.

For more information, contact Regina Rochez at or (410) 267-0337


Results of CRC River Testing for 2013

CRC has completed its ninth year of river testing.  The results are summarized in the accompanying graphs. More information about the CRC river testing program and detailed testing results can be found by clicking on the word “more” under Water Quality Monitoring on the upper right side of the page.

Some Observations:


The unusually high rainfall early in the season kept the salinity very low for the months of June , July and August. Once the rain slowed the salinity started climbing and was at normal levels for the month of October.


The rains also kept the river very muddy. Of our 23 weekly data points, 12 set new 9 year lows for clarity. Even as the rain slowed the river had a difficult time recovering clarity and was below average for the entire year. The poor clarity and poor DO in September and October are unusual. If anyone has thoughts on what was happening there, let us know.

Dissolved Oxygen

Except for short periods in early July and September, the DO level was consistently above the 5mg/l level considered adequate for aquatic life. During the high rains the Dissolved Oxygen (DO) levels were good and frequently above the average for the previous 8 years. This could be a result of the fresher water bringing oxygen into the system. As the rains diminished so did the DO levels. September and October had lower DO levels than in the heat of the summer. DO is related to temperature; hotter water can hold less oxygen, colder water can hold more oxygen. The last data point when the temperature was significantly lower was very good and probably reflects the colder water.



Dissolved Oxygen (DO)





New Maryland Fertilizer Law 

For details See "News" Page


Corsica River Success Story 

The Environmental Protection Agency is highlighting the Corsica River as a success story. Efforts to reduce pollution in two non-tidal tributaries show a significant decrease in nitrogen - showing that dedication, collaboration, and on-the-ground projects can make a difference. Read the full story here.


Corsica River Conservancy Oyster Restoration Progress Report  Spring 2013


Our Maryland Grows Oysters (MGO) oysters were picked up from our growers along the River during the first two weeks of May.   This is the fourth year that forty or more residents along the Corsica have grown oysters from spat on shell in cages hung from their docks starting in the Fall.   Each Spring the oysters are deposited on an historic oyster reef we are restoring in the River.   As in past years the work was done with the help of our Corsica River Conservancy (CRC) volunteers, Gunston School students and staff and Chesapeake Boatlift Services. More


New construction site sediment pollution regulations now in effect.

For details See "News" Page


Corsica River Awareness Day 2013

Corsica Watershed Awareness Day was held September 21st from noon to 4 p.m. at Bloomfield Farm on Route 213, just north of Centreville. It attracted over 900 visitors.