County Commissioners to Consider Centreville’s Proposed Wastewater Treatment Plant

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At their next meeting on Tuesday, January 9th, the Queen Anne’s County Commissioners will again take up the issue of Centreville’s proposed wastewater treatment plant upgrade. CRC opposes the proposal in its current form and has explained its position in several communications with the Commissioners. (See below for links.)

Problems with the proposal are that the plant will potentially release five times as much on an annual basis as current surface discharge and will move the outfall from Gravel Run into the Corsica River. The improved technology in the upgrade will filter out more, but not all, pollutants. The greater capacity will also allow for more extensive building within town limits.

County Commissioners will need to amend the Comprehensive Water and Sewer Plan before the Maryland Department of Environment will consider granting a new permit. CRC is urging the Commissioners not to approve an amendment until more information on the impact of the proposed changes is presented. Although we understand that the Town needs to replace its current plant, our concerns center on the proposed relocation of the discharge point to the upper main stem of the Corsica River and the proposed dramatic increase in the volume of effluent that will be released into this fragile shallow water ecosystem, especially during the most biologically vulnerable warm and hot months which are periods of high human use as well.

Although water quality in the Corsica tributaries has improved, the main river stem continues to experience problems. The proposed change will have significant consequences for those who live near or recreate on the river, for those who live in town, and for others in the watershed.

Before these decisions are made, become informed and let the Commissioners hear from you. Your voice can make a difference.


For CRC’s position, see Proposed Amendment to County Comp Plan and Sewer and CRC Letter on Centreville WWTP Proposal

Additional information provided in a Question and Answer document  by Town Manager, Carolyn Brinkley

CRC’s response to Q & A document – View Cover Letter/Email and Response.

For more information on the proposal, see

You can contact County Commissioners at