Our Mission

The Corsica River Conservancy (CRC) works to develop and maintain a constituency to restore and preserve the Corsica River and its surrounding lands through direct action, partnerships, and enhanced environmental awareness.

Our Watershed

The Corsica River watershed is comprised of 25,299 acres in Queen Anne’s County, on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. This acreage includes water and land that drains directly into the Corsica and land that drains into the three major tributaries.  Mill Stream Branch drains the south and west portions of Centreville.  Gravel Run and Three Bridges Branch drains the north and east portions of Centreville.  Although land use continues to change, especially with agricultural land being converted to development, most land is in agricultural use followed by forests and development.

Who We Are

The CRC serves as the focal point for organizing and promoting restoration efforts built upon the Corsica River Watershed Restoration Action Strategy (WRAS). Members and volunteers work with a wide variety of stakeholders to improve water quality and habitat condition. We emphasize hands-on, local monitoring, restoration, and engagement. Towards this end, we seek cooperative approaches with representatives of the Town of Centreville and Queen Anne’s County, residents, and like-minded organizations. We also use the guidance and resources of state and federal offices involved in Bay restoration, working cooperatively with those offices, and complementing their expertise with local knowledge, feedback, and volunteerism. We leverage regional activities that complement and enhance our efforts.


Board of Directors

Frank DiGialleonardo-President4 people in a pontoon boat distributing oysters in the Corsica River
Katherine Schinasi-Vice President
Susan Buckingham-Treasurer
Gayle Jayne-Secretary

Byron Luna

Edward Nielsen

Rachel Rhodes

Kurt Rodowski

Ginger Cushing Valliant